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Segmentation Made Simple

Wednesday March 20, 2019

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Learn how the industry is moving from ‘address defined networking’ to ‘identity defined networking’ and using provable machine identities instead of spoof-able IP addresses. Understand how segmentation through zero-trust networking cloaks your network while simplifying your environment. Learn about the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) that combines the powerful attributes of three different protocols (VXLAN, LISP and IPsec) into one -while eliminating their complexity and limitations. INTENDED AUDIENCE(S): IT Director, Network Architect, Security Architect, Enterprise Architect, CIO, CSO, Risk and Compliance Manager

Robert Kern, Director, Regional Sales Tempered Networks

About our speaker for March 2019 : Robert Kern is a Regional Sales Director for Tempered Networks with nearly thirty years of experience providing network and security solutions for customers in multiple market verticals throughout the central United States as well as Mexico. Robert has tenure with several notable and innovative companies, including SynOptics (Bay Networks) and F5 Networks. With his pioneering attitude and keen sense of business, Robert was instrumental in bringing their disruptive solutions to market. Based in Dallas, Robert has cultivated long-standing relationships with Fortune 500 accounts, from oil and gas to global transportation companies, and is well-respected for his ability to map solutions to meet critical business challenges.

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