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Member Benefits

Here are just a few of the many reasons why ISSA is the association of choice for cyber security specialists around the world.

Local Chapters

Unprecedented local networking and educational opportunities through our network of chapters throughout the world, where your fellow members can become your strongest allies when support is needed to get the job done

Professional Networking

As you attend local chapter meetings, become active on a committee or take a prominent leadership role, you’ll forge lasting ties with others all who have common professional interests and similar business concerns

Learning and Development

ISSA Chapter meetings, regional events, web conferences, and the annual Summit serve as vital educational and professional resources, offering in-depth and timely information about the information security industry

Career Advancement

Networking and learning opportunities will provide a means to identify potential career opportunities and can elevate your profile people have influence over hiring decisions in their organizations

Access to a Global Network

Through our exclusive online community, you’ll be able to connect with other cyber security professionals

Leadership Opportunities

At the local Chapter and ISSA Board levels, you can participate, learn, share and, ultimately, assume a leadership position in spreading the word about the vital importance of cyber security in today’s world


Share your ideas and insights about security, management, solutions, innovation, and other relevant topics by writing for the ISSA Journal or speaking at a local Chapter or ISSA International event

Exclusive Savings

On top of ISSA event rates that are exclusive to ISSA members, we also offer members additional discounts to a wide spectrum of security resources and events

The ISSA Journal

Every month, leading thinkers from all over the world share their ideas and insights on key cyber security issues in the ISSA Journal (download a free copy of this month’s featured article)

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