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The Attacker’s POV – Hacking Mobile Apps

The Attacker’s POV [Point of View] –
Hacking Mobile Apps in Your Enterprise to
Reveal Real Vulnerabilities and Protect the Business

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

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In this eye-opening session, Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer, will uncover and expose how attackers identify and exploit mobile app security vulnerabilities in commercial and custom mobile apps to compromise your enterprise. Through a series of live scenarios using open source and other tools from the attacker POV, Brian Lawrence, Security Engineer, will crack and exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps to steal sensitive data and gain access to systems… and then share best practices on how to protect yourself and your enterprise. Don’t miss this startling presentation!


Brian Reed

Brian Reed
Chief Mobility Officer

At NowSecure Chief Mobility Officer, industry veteran Brian Reed brings over a 15 years experience in mobile, apps, security and operations management including Good Technology, BlackBerry, ZeroFOX, BoxTone, MicroFocus and INTERSOLV working with Global 2000 customers, Mobile-First companies and government agencies. With more than 25 years building innovative products and scaling operations, Brian is a dynamic speaker and compelling storyteller who brings unique insights and global experience. Brian is a frequent speaker at industry and private events including Mobile World Congress, OWASP, Cloud Security Alliance, JavaOne, RSA and more.  Brian is a graduate of Duke University.

Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence
Security Engineer

At NowSecure, Brian Lawrence is an expert on mobile app security, privacy, and compliance. Brian helps enterprises to design and implement security technology and solutions to protect them from insecure and vulnerable mobile apps, including custom internal apps and 3rd party developed apps. Brian has previously spoken for OWASP, as well as contributing to the 2017 Summit. Prior to NowSecure, Brian served as solutions engineer for cloud-based managed services across multiple industries.

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