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March Chapter Recap

Vern Williams’s Incident Response Seminar

On March 20, Vern Williams conducted morning and afternoon sessions of his Incidence Response seminar on at the Thompson Conference Center. Vern has an amazing background in information security and incident response, which included driving nuclear subs for the U.S. Navy.

Vern’s first recommendation was how to engage senior leadership and prepare for incident response (IR) before an incident happens. The seminar included a copy of the Blue Team Handbook: Incident Response Edition. The book is a blueprint on how to prepare and how to respond when an incident happens. Vern further explained how to write an IR plan, how to create an IR team, and how to conduct regular training exercises. He gave several recommendations for other resources.

Great job Vern!

Third Rock Presentation

Julie Rennecker, Robert Felps, and Mike Moran of Third Rock gave the presentation “Healthcare: Transforming an Industry from Cyber Victim to Cyber Confident” for our meeting on March 20 at the Thompson Conference Center. They discussed how difficult it is for healthcare providers to understand the threat of cybercrime to healthcare and how challenging it is to adequately secure healthcare environments.

Healthcare breaches affect all of us. Indirectly, it increases the cost of medical care. We all know about the direct costs: a breach can be expensive for patients and healthcare providers. Just the cost of notification alone could put a provider out of business. Although cyber insurance is helpful, it is often woefully inadequate to cover the costs of a cyber incident.

What can be done? Third Rock recommends a holistic, integrated approach to managing cyber risk that focuses on creating a culture of Cyber Confidence.

If you are an ISSA member, the Third Rock slides are available for review here.

Laurel Marotta
Recording Secretary, ISSA Capitol of Texas chapter

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