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CyberSecurity Job and Career Growth

CyberSecurity Career Challenges

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Discover Why Your Cybersecurity Expertise
Just Isn’t Enough Anymore

Do people seem to just not get it when you tell them what needs to be done for proper Cybersecurity? Are your days characterized with going back-and-forth to justify your position, where if people would simply accept your guidance, you could make things more secure? Are you frustrated knowing you’re the Cybersecurity expert with the track record to prove it yet you’re not being heard, recognized, and promoted for the technical expertise you provide?

What You’ll Learn:

• Engage people to support your Cybersecurity insights
• Engage non-technical people to remove roadblocks
• Partner with people to achieve your Cybersecurity results
• Manage ‘up” to Board level so your message is heard and valued

Cheri Hotman, MBA, CPA, BCC Cheri is an ex-VP in the Tech/IT space, with a career predominately in banking, financial services, and consulting. Cheri earned her MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas, is a CPA, and a certified coach (BCC, Board Certified Coach). Her website is where you can get your free copy of “3 Secrets to Make People Listen at Work when YOU Have the Answer”. Cheri’s LinkedIn profile is:


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