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Healthcare Security Challenges

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Healthcare Security Challenges

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

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Healthcare records are highly valued on the darknet and, thus, a primary target of cyber crime. Yet many healthcare decision-makers are unaware of the threat, resulting in under-investment in the people, processes, and technologies necessary to keep patient data safe. Like other industries, there are significant financial consequences, but unlike other industries, a healthcare information breach can also have life or death consequences.

  • Overview of the healthcare context, including the reasons healthcare environments can be so difficult to secure and the immediate implications of a breach
  • Real world healthcare breach example illustrating the current state of the industry
  • Descripition of recent approaches and solutions to help clients become more cyber resilient and cyber confident.


Julie Rennecker, CXO, PhD, BSN Behavior from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, specializing in technology adoption, and then taught in the Information Systems department at Case Western Reserve University. Julie is currently the Chief Experience Officer at Third Rock, an Austin-based cybersecurity compliance software and consulting firm, where she serves as the voice of the customer, bringing a unique synthesis of clinical, academic, and industry experience to bear on the challenges of achieving cyber security compliance in healthcare.

Robert Felps, CEO – A trusted adviser and innovative problem solver focusing on cybersecurity and compliance for small and medium sized business.  Architecting and executing IT strategies and cost saving solutions for Fortune 50 companies and venture-funded start-ups for over 25 years. Through a variety of leadership roles, verified and maintained functional compliance in daily operations and developed a new Disaster Recovery methodology, IT Strategy Plan, and ready-to-use Contingency Plan for Healthcare providers. Robert brings a holistic view of business, technology, process automation, cybersecurity, and compliance to the healthcare industry, making cybersecurity simpler, easier, and affordable.  He is the automation architect of CompassDB™, Third Rock’s compliance management solution.

Mike Moran, CISO, CISSP –  a veteran of the software industry focused primarily on applications and development tools, with a secondary focus on high availability, high traffic web sites.  A CIO vision with extensive cyber security experience in business operations, software development, and database architecture.  Past projects include three Olympic games, ten years of Grand Slam Tennis as well as The Masters, and a custom healthcare print service which produced and mailed over 10 million documents a month.

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