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SolarWinds Breach Analysis Report Eleven Evading Steps

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021, Austin ISSA Chapter Meeting

(Note the date of Event has been postponed to Feb 24 2021, from Feb 17, 2021 due to unprecedented cold spell currently in central Texas)

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SolarWinds Breach Analysis Report Eleven Evading Steps

The SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack, notwithstanding nation-state criminal involvement, a global blame game continues – but are we denying reality?

It seems we did not lock our own doors with FBI, CIA, and NSA, themselves culpable for losing their Red-Team hacking tools criminals now use against the world.

Opinions aside, startling facts remain

About Speaker

Bill Alderson

Bill Alderson solved security denial of service attacks against the US Stock market, led the team bringing back online the Pentagon at 9/11, solved numerous network meltdowns affecting F-500 companies, optimized biometric Intelligence applications, deploying with US military to Iraq and Afghanistan 6 times, certified 3,500 vendor-independent Network Forensic Security Professionals.

Bill has forty years’ experience analyzing network packets, securing US government and American corporations provides the background to offer this analysis. Lockheed Sunnyvale CA, Network General Sniffer Startup (NetScout), PMG NetAnalyst, NetQoS, CA Technologies, HOPZERO,

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