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September 18, 2019 Recap

Presentation – Miguel Ortiz – Blockchain What will we solve together?

Miguel Ortiz – Blockchain Solutions Architect, IBM

Miguel Ortiz stepped in for Nitin Gaur, who was scheduled to speak on Blockchain was not able to attend due to unexpected work travel. Miguel talked about his current role as Blockchain Solution Architect where he advises startups on Blockchain technology and enabling them from concept to implementation of business solutions. He started out the presentation by talking about What is block chain and the key capabilities about it such as shared ledger, smart contract, permission and consensus. Discussed differences between permissioned block chain, UN-permission ed Blockchain, private blockchain, public blockchain. Permission-ed block chain can also be public.   Bitcoin is an UN-permission ed and public. One can get started with block chain using open source and free Linux Foundation Project Hyper Ledger Next  he discussed about Blockchain use cases in every industry – Banking, Financial, Retail, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Governance, Insurance. Talked about some projects such as IBM Food Trust that– Started with IBM and Walmart for solutions to problem of food supply chain.  Project Tradelens (  was another interesting project using blockchain for digitizing global supply chain. It was a very informative meeting about Blockchain use cases with some security related use cases such as De-Centralized Identity enabled by projects such as Sovrin ( and Hyper ledger Indy ( )

Presentation deck is  available for ISSA members at ISSA web site. You will need to login first to access the slides.

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