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June 19, 2019 Chapter Meeting Recap

Sponsor – Kudelski Security

Patrick Charters gave a short presentation on Kudelski Security. He can be reached at 512-740-6502 or

Presentation – Daniel Crowley, Intro to Python for Security Professionals

Daniel Crowley is the Research Baron at IBM X-Force Red. He belongs to Austin Hacker’s Anonymous and encouraged our membership to attend a meeting. Information about AHA meetings is posted at

Daniel Crowley, Presenter

He gave an introduction on Python, which was geared toward someone who knew at least 1 language. He introduced several terms, such as “duck typing,” which means that type declarations are not used. He recommended reading the official Python documentation at He discussed differences between Python 2 and Python 3. He showed some methods for converting Python 2 code to Python 3. Then he segued into how to leverage that into scripts than an Infosec professional would find useful, such as how to fingerprint a server, write Scapy modules (documentation available here:, build a ICMP tunnel to send data, which could evade detection, and how to print all ICMP payloads. It was a fascinating overview! Slides are not available for this meeting.


Don’t forget that the Austin ISSA chapter meeting has a raffle every month for chapter members. Someone is going to win! Join us next month and it could be you.

Seth Robertson, Austin, ISSA President(R) congratulates our raffle winner
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