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March 2017 Chapter Meeting – Shawn Pearcy and Daniel Crowley of NCC Group

March 15th at 11:30am
Norris Conference Center 2525 West Anderson Lane #365 Austin, TX 78757

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Topic: How Your Phone Gets Pwned (and how to make it harder)

There are a number of different attacks which can be used to get access to the data stored on a mobile phone. Your choice of mobile phone, your security hygiene, and the options you’ve set on your phone make a large difference in how easy each of those attacks are. This talk will present an in-depth look at how various attacks work from simply stealing your phone to finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in various parts of the code your phone runs. Each attack will be discussed in terms of what resources, advantages, and opportunities an attacker needs to launch the attack

Shawn Pearcy

Associate Security Consultant with NCC Group

Beginning with telecommunication support in the US Army followed by a technical support role, Shawn was exposed to the importance of security, leading him to focus on info sec. Shawn then completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology with a Computer Science minor at Texas State University, (with a focus on deviance, crime, and computer security) while working in the Information Security office (where he performed vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and incident response; including conducting forensics for the University Police). Prior to NCC Group, Shawn worked as an Application Security Analyst with Trustwave Spiderlabs, while completing a Master of Arts in Sociology.

Daniel Crowley

Senior Security Engineer with NCC Group

Daniel is tasked with finding and exploiting flaws in everything from Web applications and cryptosystems to ATMs, smart homes, and industrial control systems. He has been working in information security since 2004. He has developed and released various free security tools such as MCIR, a powerful Web application exploitation training and research platform, and FeatherDuster, an automated modular cryptanalysis tool. He is a frequent speaker at conferences including Black Hat, DEFCON, Shmoocon, Chaos Communications Camp, and SOURCE. He has been interviewed by various print and television media including Forbes, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal. His work has been included in books and college courses.


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11:30 – Networking

11:45 – Start of Meeting

11:50 – Sponsor

12:00 – Presentation

12:50 – Q&A

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